How We Work

Green Conversations

© Conservation International photo by Haroldo Castro

Taking green development to the people

Historically, countries have pursued development at the expense of the environment. Climate change has changed the way we think about our economies. What use have we for riches if we are inundated by the Atlantic Ocean? More and more, countries are recognizing that the way forward can only be through green development paths. We must find ways to pursue prosperity that simultaneously preserve our planet.

But what does the small man know about green development when they’re just trying to make a living?

CI works with partners on a series of “Green Conversations” – nonpartisan fora for experts and the general public to engage with one another about “green state development” and securing a sustainable future for Guyana.

“Green Conversations” is an opportunity to learn about the meaning of a green economy or green state and how it relates to social, economic and environmental development.

While talking of “green state development” may be gaining popularity worldwide, in Guyana you might be hard pressed to find your neighbor understanding what this might entail and, more importantly, why it’s good for him/her. We need to talk to people to communicate the importance of conservation and to increase the number of stewards to care for nature. The more people understand about the symbiotic relationship between people and the land, the greater the chances that they will advocate for policies and practices that support a green state.

We’re going into main towns and hosting forums which are open to the public to discuss the most pressing environmental issues facing Guyana and the world today and what can be done about it.

The current Green Conversations series targets five (5) topics:
1. Oil Revenues for Social Development and Economic Management (Sovereign Wealth Fund)
2. Responsible Mining for Guyana
3. Innovation for better opportunities and Sustainable Enterprises in Agriculture
4. Good Governance – Building a participatory framework
5. Human Capital: Good health, education and wellbeing for wholesome families and Communities.

What we are

Started in 2018, 5 Green Conversations have been hosted in 4 capital towns across Guyana’s Administrative Regions Four, Six, Nine and Ten with over 180 participants from government, academic, private sector, civil society and religious organizations participating.


We worked with multiple partners on this project including:

  • Department of Environment
  • UN-Environment
  • Green State Development Strategy (GSDS) Coordination Office
  • WWF-Guianas
  • University of Guyana
  • Ministry of Finance