How We Work

Building a Strong Institution

© Conservation International photo by Sara Bharrat

Goal 4

By 2020, CI-Guyana’s core competencies and efficient operational systems are well established.

CI-Guyana is 100% Guyanese and 100% invested in Guyanese.

Like most Guyanese, we are continuously striving for better. We know that we must have our own house in order before we try to advise others on what needs to be done.

So, we make it a priority to secure the best human, physical, informational and financial systems to ensure smooth operations at our home base. We adapt as needed and we’re not afraid of constructive feedback.

We pledge to be fully ready for 2025Vision by 2020 by:

  • Securing all necessary resources required for the achievement of the 2025Vision
  • Maintaining a highly skilled and motivated team by providing opportunities for staff growth and competitive and equitable compensation packages to our employees
  • Improving our “house” – the physical and informational infrastructure to support efficiency. This includes the offices in Georgetown and Lethem as well as field outposts in other areas as necessary
  • Maintaining a high level of integrity and transparency so that the CI brand continues to be respected as a leader in conservation, innovation and green development.