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2025 Vision

Think | Act | Inspire

Our sight must be more than 20/20 to secure a good future for ourselves, our children and all generations to come

Our team focuses on building a healthy and prosperous future for all Guyanese, using sound science, demonstrating innovations on the ground and building effective partnerships.


At CI-Guyana, we believe our sight must be better than 20/20 if we want to secure the best possible future for ourselves, our children and all generations to come. We need 2025Vision. By 2025, Guyana must be on the path of green growth with the protection of our natural wealth at the heart of our economic development policy framework.


Goal 1

Policies for Nature

By 2025, Guyana has developed policies and institutional arrangements that make conservation and sustainable management of key aspects of its natural heritage the centerpiece of national development.

Goal 2

Production with Nature

By 2025, key pathfinder economic sectors demonstrate alignment with a green economic development agenda, leading the diversification of local, regional and national economies.

Goal 3

Communicating a Vision for Nature

By 2020, a cross section of Guyanese adopts the 2025Vision and act for its achievement.

Goal 4

Building a Strong Institution

By 2020, CI-Guyana’s core competencies and efficient operational systems are well established.