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Call for Applications – Amazonia Indigenous Women´s Fellowship

Closing Date May 5, 2023 closed

Project background

The Amazonia Indigenous Women’s Fellowship is a Conservation International initiative (CI) in partnership with the Coordinating Body of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin, COICA. The Program seeks to amplify the actions of Indigenous women who propose innovative socioenvironmental initiatives. The Program works to promote the contributions of Indigenous women who are shaping climate solutions, transforming systems of participation in conservation, resource governance, and territorial management based on their both innovative and traditional knowledge.

The program has four strategic pillars: Advocacy and participation of Indigenous women in the Amazon region; capacity building in project management; knowledge sharing and networking; and replicable socioenvironmental actions.

In order to have a greater diversity of Indigenous women leaders in the Amazon, the Program works through three types of funding opportunities: open calls through our public applications, direct calls through invitations to women leaders with local presence in the communities, and project extensions through additional grants to ongoing initiatives that are aligned to local, national and regional achievements as well as the objectives in the projects led by the women.

Participants in the program will have the opportunity to be in close coordination and collaboration with CI advisors, learn about the initiatives of other Indigenous women committed to socioenvironmental transformations, exchanging knowledge and building consensus on how they can further develop their leadership. All this adds to the Indigenous women’s movement in the Amazon basin.

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