Call for Applications 2022

Amazon Women’s Fellowship Program

2nd Generation | May 2022- June 2023

Indigenous Women leaders in Social Environmental Solutions

© Conservation International photo by César David Martínez

Project background

Our Future Forests – Amazonia Verde, is working to conserve up to 12% of the Amazon – approximately 73 million hectares – by 2025. Supported by the government of France, the project is one of the conservation priorities of the Alliance for the Protection of Tropical Forests, an initiative for the protection, restoration and sustainable management of tropical forests. The project promotes and supports the conservation efforts of 26 groups of Indigenous peoples and local communities, providing them with the tools, training and funding needed to manage their territories and promote the overall conservation of the Amazon. Project activities will benefit more than 68.000 men, women and children.

Within the scope of the initiative, the Amazon Women’s Fellowship Program seeks to amplify the efforts of indigenous women proposing innovative socio-environmental solutions and seeking to transform participation and decision-making in conservation, resource governance and territorial management, while using traditional and ancestral knowledge and wisdom as the basis for their strategies.

As of February 21st, 2022, the Amazon Women’s Fellowship Program is opening the 2nd Round of selection of fellows to run from May 2022 until May 2023. This grants program will award funds to at least 24 best ideas from seven Amazonian countries (Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, and Suriname) for social-environmental transformations, that enhance indigenous women’s leadership to influence conservation strategies, actions and policies in indigenous territories in the Amazon. We strive to develop local competencies, create consensus-building opportunities, foster agreements, and promote networks that consolidate conservation and improve livelihoods in seven countries in the Amazon region.

This initiative is framed within the mandates that emerged from the First Summit of Indigenous Women of the Amazon Basin, held in October 2021, attended by 170 spokeswomen from 511 indigenous peoples of the Amazon Basin. This event laid the groundwork for strengthening the indigenous women’s movement in the Amazon, seeking greater participation in advocacy spaces through the development of effective leadership.

Guiding principles for the selection of the project ideas.

The Amazon Women’s Fellowship Program supports leadership principles that:

  • Improve gender balance in conservation decision-making
    The program seeks local leadership that will change the dynamics of decision-making processes and bridge gender gaps in local, national, and regional conservation issues. Women leaders are encouraged to demonstrate how their idea will advance women’s meaningful engagement in conservation issues.
  • Promote the development of indigenous women leaders’ networks
    We are looking for indigenous women leaders to promote and encourage the exchange of experiences, advocate for the recognition and implementation of indigenous peoples’ rights and amplify the voices of indigenous women through a network of collaboration between program participants and other regional networks.
  • Foster innovation
    The program seeks bold ideas that spark the imagination, propose creative social environmental solutions, inspire change at the local and regional level, and build on the legacy of ancestral and traditional knowledge and wisdom.

Selection criterion for fellowship recipients

As you work on your application form, we recommend that you review the following criteria which will guide the evaluation of your proposal. Each of these criteria has equal value and importance when evaluated.

If there are any criteria that you do not meet at the time of completing this application form, do consider including them among the competencies and skills that you may build on during the implementation of your proposal.

Leadership: Demonstrate your ability to drive ideas, build support for your vision, or lead an organization to achieve its goals.

Purpose alignment: In your proposal, strive to show your deep conviction and passion to address the problem you are committed to solving. We are looking for leaders committed to solving the problem.

Relationship and experience with the proposed issue: Share your experience as a leader or part of a women’s organization or group and your relationship with other women leaders in your community.

Innovation: Share why your idea is innovative and how it will bring about sustained, replicable and incremental change.

Solutions that improve lives: Share how your proposed solution can have a direct impact on your community, territory and/or organization.

Desired conditions

While these conditions are important in facilitating the program’s support for Fellows, they are not excluding.

  • Digital connectivity: Ability to access email, WhatsApp and virtual platforms on a weekly basis. This is an important requirement when submitting a proposal since it ensures greater and better coordination and follow-up; it facilitates the creation of and participation in networks; and it ensures access to relevant and timely information that provides support to projects and initiatives.
  • Project management: Knowledge and skills in project planning, monitoring and follow-up tools are valued.
  • Budget management: Knowledge and skills in budget design, execution and accountability would be an asset.
  • Bank account: Access to a bank, cooperative or financial agency in order to receive funds is desirable for better management and traceability of the funds that will be awarded to the selected proposals.
  • Ability to communicate: Effective communication in Spanish, English, Dutch or Portuguese is valued.

If these conditions are not met when filling out the application form, please consider including them in your capacity building requirements.

Support Model

The selected Fellows will benefit from:

Leadership development

  • Personalized guidance of a local mentor to build and increase leadership skills and competencies and develop the necessary strategies for your proposals to achieve the expected results and desired impacts.
  • Ongoing support focused on self-confidence and protagonism to achieve personal and fellowship goals.


  • A local mentor who facilitates the experience and connects the fellows with experts and opportunities according to their project needs (project management, budgeting, reporting, monitoring and evaluation).
  • Seed funding of $US. 10,000 (Ten thousand 00/100 U.S. dollars) for project implementation within a period of no more than 12 months.

Community support

  • Virtual and in-person meetings and events to exchange experiences and consolidate networks.
  • Connection and collaboration with Conservation International in your country, with an opportunity to visit the office and share your experiences.
  • A proactive communications team with expertise in amplifying the voices of indigenous peoples.

Application deadlines

The Call for Proposals will be issued for a one-month period, beginning February 21st, 2022, and ending March 21st, 2022.

Evaluation and selection process

Public launch of The FellowshipFebruary 21st
Proposal Submission February 21st - March 21st
Questions and Answer (Open dialogue)February 28th - March 15th
Proposal Review by evaluation panelMarch 21st - April 8th
Selection of Fellows April 11th – 22nd
Fellow Notification April 25th - 30th
2022 Program StartMay 2nd - May 8th
2023 Program EndJune 30th

Application forms

In addition to the completed form, if you wish, you may also record a video where you tell us about your proposal and your motivations. The video should be sent to the e-mail address: :

Guiding questions for video

  1. Tell us about yourself.
    • Start with your name, your age, where you live (community, indigenous territory, country).
    • What is your role in the community? Do you lead an organization, association, women’s group
  2. Tell us about the problem you want to solve.
    • What is the socio-environmental or conservation problem you want to solve?
    • What are the main causes?
    • Who is affected by the problem?
  3. Tell us how you propose to solve the problem.
    • What is the solution you want to achieve?
    • What are the main activities you propose to carry out?
    • Who are you going to engage or who should be actively participating?
    • Who stands to benefit from your proposed solution?
    • How does it improve the quality of life of the people in your community and/or territory?
  4. Tell us about your role as a leader in your community and/or territory.
    • What motivates you to do this work at this point in time?
    • How do you think your leadership helps the most vulnerable people in your community and/or territory?
    • Why do you think your idea is innovative and will be successful?
  5. Share your expectations with us.
    • What are the lessons learned, knowledge, skills and experiences you hope to develop through this fellowship?

Questions & Answers

From February 28th to March 15th a questions and answer period will be held, to clarify doubts about selection criteria, application process, evaluation and follow-up tools, required or desired competencies and skills. Questions may be sent via Whatsapp (592-640-7001) or the email address

This open dialogue will be established to allow for reflection and deliberation on the aspirations and priorities of the Fellows within the framework of the project ideas.

Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee will be composed of representatives from COICA’s Women and Family Council and Conservation International.

Contact information

If you require specific clarification regarding the criteria of this application, please send your questions to the email below.

Please use the email below to send us your completed application forms: