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futureforests implementation

Protecting and improving management of Indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ lands

Working together with Indigenous organizations and local authorities to increase the amount of land under protection and support the improved management of existing Indigenous lands and buffer zones using a combination of traditional knowledge and new technology. We are also supporting the development of land management plans where they currently do not exist, and guidelines for managing of natural resources and cultural heritage.

Enhancing leadership training and opportunities for professional development

Providing tools to build technical capacities and engaging decision makers through programs aimed at improving negotiation, finance, administrative and communication skills. The project is supporting new leaders, by providing strategic training for women and youth. For more information see the Women’s Fellowship Program.

Identifying sustainable value chains and financial mechanisms

Increasing possibilities to access financing for livelihood strategies and business ideas in support of sustainable development and goods that do not contribute to deforestation in the Amazon. The project is working to facilitate access to climate and conservation finance and develop innovative opportunities.

Improving advocacy for the Amazon

Sharing lessons learned across the Amazon basin to contribute to Indigenous and local leaders’ understanding of climate change, ongoing mitigation and adaptation efforts, and negotiations and conservations agreements underway. Also, showcasing efforts and results to a wider audience by participating in international conservation events.