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© Pete Oxford

Forests make life possible.

1 in 4
depend on forests

1 in 4 people depend directly on forests for their livelihoods

prescription drugs

As many as 120 prescription drugs worldwide derive directly from plants found in forests.

greenhouse gas emissions

Deforestation accounts for 11 percent of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions.


The world has lost nearly half its forests for agriculture, development or resource extraction. Yet the value of the benefits that standing forests provide is immense: Tropical forests alone account for at least 30 percent of the global mitigation action needed to halt climate change. Yet this value remains largely invisible.


Conservation International strives to protect tropical forests around the world, working directly with the communities who live in, and depend on, these forests. Through science, policy and partnerships, we work to show that forests are worth more standing than cut down.


Conservation International uses a science-based approach to prioritize the safeguarding forests and the benefits they provide; to quantify the value of those benefits for decision-makers and key stakeholders; and to protect them sustainably for the long term. ​