1 Finance Associate

Conservation International Foundation (Guyana) Inc. invites you to join our innovative and dynamic team by applying for the position of “Finance Associate”.

This position is a Fixed-Term contract for three (3) years.

Institution Conservation International Foundation (Guyana) Inc.

Country: Guyana

Submission Deadline    : 4:00 PM November 20, 2018

Application, CV including three (3) references should be submitted on or before November 20, 2018 and sent to:

Email application to:

OR Mail:

The Operations Director
Conservation International Foundation (Guyana) Inc.
98 Laluni Street, Queenstown

For more details, download the Job Description.

Deadline: 4:00 PM. November 20, 2018.







2 Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Scoping and Design Study for the Guyana: Resilient and One (GRO) initiative.

Responses to Questions

1.   Can the client confirm that extractive industries (oil and gas and mining) are in scope for the diversified green economy/green jobs educational strategy?

The project design will need to assess what green jobs will be generated as a result of the implementation of the GSDS, that will require certain skills or expertise. The extractive industries (oil and gas and mining) should be given consideration as one of the sectors in a diversified and green economy. The deduction of options/jobs that the project will focus on will be guided by the goals of the project, availability of expertise, nr of jobs, relevance to component 1 and many other criteria.

2.   Can the client confirm the nature of the agreement between the University of Guyana and ASU and whether this is exclusive of other potential partnerships?
The UG-ASU partnership is not exclusive. The project envisages to include many partners, including other universities if needed to fill capacity gaps and/or create opportunities for capacity building.

3.   May we contact the University of Guyana in preparing our bid given their centrality to the implementation phase?
Any partner can be contacted for information purposes. The proposal needs to be submitted to CI only, and be sent to the email address provided in the RFP.

4.   May we assume that the GRO will be able to access other forms of international technical assistance in the implementation phase eg IFC/World Bank, IADB etc?
GRO will need to work together and in alignment with all other actors that are making investments in Guyana that are complementary to the GRO initiative. Depending on how the GRO initiative is designed that would include accessing TA from Development Banks.

5.   Confirmation that the date shown for the last activity in Section 3.3 “Revise and Finalize written reports….” Is January 2019.

6. What is the scope for extending the timeline beyond January 2019? The time allotted is quite short, all the more so given that it spans the holiday period when we can anticipate limited responsiveness from stakeholders in Guyana.
CI welcomes proposals that state outputs that will be achieved by the consultancy prior to the end of January. Optionally the consulting firm may want to indicate what could be realized after February 1st, either through additional activities of the consultants or as part of the first phase of project implementation.  

7. Will CI-Guyana be able to support data and information collection, and stakeholder engagement, over the course of the consultancy?
CI-Guyana will be available to provide information on locally available data, reports and documentation and may lead stakeholder consultation with the support of the consultants. Aside from CI-Guyana, the consultants are expected to engage with a number of relevant and complementary local partners to support both data collection and stakeholder engagement.