CI Guyana

Conservation International has been established in Guyana with the main purpose of assisting the government in creating a national system of protected areas. We have been working in three main sites in region nine and have also been assisting the government of Guyana develop a strategy for carbon sequestration and the sale of credits.

Our vision is to establish Biodiversity Corridors in Guyana, incorporating the anchors of a National Protected Area System, while developing trans-boundary corridors across the Guiana Shield. We have been working with the Government of Guyana and resident indigenous communities to develop long term and sustainable management for the establishment of protected areas, helping to develop protected area legislation in Guyana and actively working with the Government to endow and establish a protected areas trust fund to finance the management of Guyana’s protected areas in perpetuity.

Our staff is comprised of 100% Guyanese, and we are committed to assisting with the development of Guyana in an environmentally sustainable, culturally appropriate, and economically sensitive manner.